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Character Education
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Important Dates

Aug. 25-27 - Intermediate Choir Auditions

Aug. 28 - PTC Yogurt Sales

- PTC Meeting @ 2:30

Aug. 29 - Intermediate Choir Roster will be posted on Music Room door

- 3rd Grade choir auditions


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Be the Best Me

Respect - August

Treating people with dignity and honor.


Accept other people’s differences.

Do not judge other people.

Only say nice things to other people.

Listen and pay attention to what people have to say.

Do not take or hurt things that belong to other people.

Obey the people who are in charge of you.

Common Core Math Help

Learn more about the Engage NY curriculum by visiting their website.  Click here

If you're looking for resources to help your child with their homework, the district has compiled videos and tutorials that you can access through our district website.  These are broken down by module (which is similar to a chapter) and lesson.  Click here